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So theres this guy c: hes just amazing in every way to me ♥ i see him flawless , hes perfect for me , i honestly really like him (/.\) ♥ Hes the first think i think about when i wake up and the last thing i think about when i go to bed (/.\) i like everything about you , your smile :D your weirdness cx just YOU In general <333 i know we might never go out cause you’re you know you ♥ and im me ._.
Your amazing in every way ♥ i have you for 2 periods v.v only <|3 i really wanna tell you but im scared , im scared you wont feel the same way , im scared you wont wanna talk to me anymore , im scared you’ll just stop talking to me like you did 6th and 7th gade , but most of all im scared i’ll loose you.

But my friends , say hes stupid , ugly , annoying , dumb , to ugly for me , that im too good if only they knew that i dont care how he looks how he acts , i like him , not for his looks , or anything i like him for him. People needa understand that its gonna be me LIKING Him. They tellme so much shit about him , like they know the kid. Just be quite and let me like him.

Anonymous said: Lolololol your honestly such a beautiful girl dont let anyone put you down <3

Thanks c:

Anonymous said: can i eat you out ?(;

no ._.

Anonymous said: can you just die ?

No fuck you -.-t